Meat & Seafood

At LaBonne’s, our Meat Department is committed to inspecting for the highest and freshest quality that is on the market. We are a full service department where you will always find someone there to assist with a custom request or to recommend a cooking tip.

All of our products are all natural with the best Free Range Beef out there. Some of the products we carry are Certified Piedmontese, Certified Angus Beef, Bell & Evans Chicken, Plainville Farms Turkey and MF Foley Fish.

What makes our Premium Certified Piedmontese Beef different?

Certified Piedmontese® cattle are raised on select family ranches in the United States where they thrive in natural environments. They roam about freely on land managed in a sustainable manner. Raising cattle for market in an efficient fashion is important, but it’s not the only goal here: The other goal, perhaps just as important, is to raise the cattle in a way that ensures that future generations of people and animals will also be able enjoy these great rangelands. The land is important, so Certified Piedmontese® treats it kindly: As stewards of the land, the company feels responsible for ensuring that it’s used in a sensible, sustainable manner.

Nutritionally, Piedmontese compares favorably to what have historically been considered ultra-healthy sources of protein. For example, untrimmed Piedmontese beef not only has fewer calories than conventional beef, it actually has fewer calories than roasted chicken.

Certified Piedmontese® is not just lower in calories, it’s also lower in cholesterol. Research shows that Piedmontese beef has significantly less cholesterol than pork or Choice lamb. It even has less cholesterol than skinless chicken or turkey. In fact, in spite of being much more tender and juicy than bison, Piedmontese beef compares favorably to that animal in terms of cholesterol content.

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What makes our Seafood different?

Foley customers are assured of freshness because Foley buyers hand select only “one and two day fish”, that is, those fish most recently caught, the freshest catch. By contrast, most Foley competitors purchase fish which averages four days old. Foley’s acquires these prime quality fish by either buying only from one or two day boats or by paying a nominal premium to get the ‘pick of the catch’ from boats out longer. No fish is accepted by Foley’s until carefully scrutinized for quality and freshness.

Foley customers are guaranteed exceptional flavor because of Foley research into the ‘vineyards’ of the sea. Hundreds of taste tests have taught us that fish of the same species can vary tremendously in flavor depending on the fishing grounds from which they are harvested. To use an analogy to wine, the flavor distinction is predicated on the fishing grounds (vineyard) that are unique because of the nutrients, the quality of the water and the amount of sunlight. Foley’s has an entire line of Signature Fish which have a distinct flavor superiority owing to their unique fishing grounds. This line of Signature Fish allows Foley customers to differentiate their establishment by serving a superior, unmatched selection of seafood to their customers.

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